What is SSID ?

What is SSID ?

It is quite common for a person to come across the term SSID by using Wi-Fi networks . But do you know what is it exactly? SSID basically stands for service set identifier under the Wireless networking standard that refers to a collection of Wireless networking devices working on a similar parameter . The SSID identifier tells the name of the service that you would join as the Wi-Fi network . whenever you switch on your Wi-Fi option, there is a list of connections available. In simple terms, SSID is just a technical term for the name of the wireless network .

How does SSID work?

SSID exactly Works By distinguishing the unique name of Wi-Fi networks available in a specific area . This helps to connect to the exact network required . one can use all types of Wi-Fi access points available in the public Wi-Fi and home network . router manufacturers often talk about the default name of the device . for example, if the device name is Netgear or Linksys, probably the SSID name is also going to be the same .

A single SSID can be up to 32 characters in length . It is case sensitive and therefore there are no special characters such as periods and dashes and underscores allowed .

If it is an open network name, anybody can easily connect to it . Therefore, the majority of the time SSID are protected with wpa2 and other encryption methods . people generally require paraphrases before connecting . always avoid using an open Wi-Fi network as it can still your important data .

What to do if there are multiple Wi-Fi networks associated with the same SSID?

After you have connected your device to a Wi-Fi network having a certain SSID, it will automatically connect to the same name of SSID in the future as well. The main problem exists when multiple Wi-Fi connections are available with the same SSID . it becomes difficult to differentiate between the Wi-Fi network that we have already joined and the one that is new to us . certain devices can easily connect to the network that have a stronger signal whereas some devices face a lot of problems in identifying a relevant Wi-Fi connection .

For example, if there are two Wi-Fi networks that have the name Netgear your device automatically connects to the one which has a better signal . also, you will likely join a signal that is known to your device for it.

How do we select and change SSID?

Try to choose a non-similar SSID so that there is no difficulty in selecting a Wi-Fi network in any case . also people living nearby will also be able to differentiate between different networks . Roberts network issues in a specific area . never expose personal information in the SSID because that can create a cybersecurity threat . you should remember that SSID is viewable to everybody and therefore it should never have any personal information.

How to change SSID?

You can easily change the name of the WI-FI router by accessing the settings of the device . simply sign in the administrator Prudential and you will be able to alter the Wi-Fi network name .

You need to access the web interface of the router in order to alter the Wi-Fi settings . you can also change the settings of a Wi-Fi router using an application instead of managing a whole lot of steps on a system .

How do we find the SSID network of a Wi-Fi?

 In case you are not connected to a home wi-fi network and there is no clue what is the exact SSID of the router, just access the configuration page to find the paraphrase . This will help to connect to the Wi-Fi network immediately .

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