What is PPPoE ?

What is PPPoE – point to point protocol over Ethernet

PPPoE is a specification for getting connected with multiple computers with the help of an ethernet Local area network to access a website through common customer premises . majority of the Internet service providers at global level use internet broadband services subscriptions . Some of the manage it through PPPoE . for maximum of the people who have ever used PPPoE Technology, they are still not aware how a specific network works and how things have to be managed . If you actually understand the concept of PPPoE, it would be easy for you to understand how different networking techniques work.

What do we understand by PPPoE?

PPPoE acronym specifically stands for point to point protocol over Ethernet . It is a networking protocol that is derived from an older protocol known as a PPP . PPP basically stands for point to point protocol.

PPPoE was specifically designed for managing the transmission of data over the Ethernet network . it helps in connecting a single server with the multiple clients using ethernet cable . With multiple clients being able to connect over the same network from the internet service provider, one can get access to the internet simultaneously in parallel . In other words, PPPoE is a modernized way of the old dial up connection that used to be popular around two decades ago.

PPPoE is also capable of managing essential networking features that includes data compression, authentication and encryption.

Who actually invented PPPoE?

PPPoE was invented by redback networks and routerware during the 2000s . it eventually became popular after a few years . the point to point protocol is the fundamental networking protocol that completely allows communication between two computers that use serial interfaces . This particular protocol was prevalent during the early 2000 when dial up internet was  prominent . After that the most commonly used Technology was PPPoE that helped in establishing a good connection between computer and a server from a telecom company that used a phone line and a modem . PPP are also called dial up connections and were quite popular amongst people .

The internet technology kept on growing exponentially and with time, the PPP Technology was replaced . people started feeling that the dialogue connection was just not sufficient as it was not that fast . Moreover, the connections just allowed the personal computer to connect with the ISP server. The networks were growing at the highest speed and a new protocol was established . It was known as PPPoE.

How are PPPoE used?

PPPoE are specifically used by internet service providers to provide internet connections to the users . imagine using an old dial up connection that helps just two people to connect together at a single time . For example, if you are the boss and want to talk with the whole company with the help of conferencing Technology instead of having a telephonic conversation with just one employee, the earlier PPP networks just did not allow it .

As the technology developed, the concept of PPPoE became prominent and one could use the same network to get connected with multiple people. it just appears as if your boss is having a conversation with the entire team and there is a loudspeaker so that nobody has to use a single earpiece to hear what has been said. PPPoE further offers essential networking features like data encryption, authentication and data compression.

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