What is MAC cloning ?

What is MAC cloning ?

Mac cloning basically refers to the setting of your PC or other Mac address in order to fix the connectivity issue . The full form of  mac is media access control and it is a hardware address of the network interface card .A device gets the Mac address typically when it is manufactured . Several times, computers face a lot of connectivity issues even when there is appropriate Software and Hardware function . In that case,  Mac cloning can preferably help in fixing the issue . an IP address is basically assigned to the computer by DHCP after knowing the Mac address . in case the IP address is lost and the computer disconnect MAC address has an important role play in fixing up the issue is . MAC address if you want to assign the same IP address just like before . it can add a different device such as a smartphone or a router with its own MAC address in place in case the connectivity issue arises.

 The connectivity issue that takes place because of external new MAC addresses into a certain network is automatically fixed with the process of Mac cloning . By simply cloning the Mac address that the internet service provider uses for assigning the IP address, any network issue can be resolved.

 How to clone a Mac address?

 at times, you might be required to manage the Mac address of the device WAN port to be of the same configuration like the Mac address of your PC . In that case it is known as the Mac address cloning . If the internet service provider registers your computer card MAC address while installing the first service and if you happen to place the router behind the cable modem and the MAC address remains and identifiable in that case, it is the computer’s MAC address that has to be cloned in the router.

 Steps to configure the Mac address clone

  • select networking – MAC address clone
  • in the empty MAC address on field, choose enable
  • in order to set the Mac address of a specific device wan port,  follow the below mentioned steps –
  • set a particular MAC address of the WAN port of the computer MAC address and clone my PCs Mac address
  • specify a certain MAC address and enter it in the Mac address field
  • Save

 The major reason to clone the Mac address is because there is a limit for the internet service provider . cloning would typically solve the problem and keep the networking issues resolved .

 There are certain providers that require the users to register a specific address before using it explicitly or through some registration process . An example of implicit registration includes the workability of the cable modem that happens to accept only the first mac address. if there is any other MAC address from others see it’s some kind of web based login form . At times it is cheaper to clone a Mac address instead of getting a new one registered.

 lost internet connectivity suddenly? Let Mac cloning fix

 if the internet was working just fine and suddenly you have lost the connectivity coma cloning Mac address can completely resolve the issue . The process will make your router have the exact address light your computer . technically, this will fix the issue of your computer because internet service providers cannot impose any limitations after this takes place . however if you did not manage the Mac address,  your computer might continue to create issues.

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