What is An IP Address?

What is An IP address?

IP address is alternatively known as the internet address which keeps you linked to the world. With millions of computer users surfing different websites with the help of internet connection, it is very important to know the address of each computer. Fundamentally speaking, IP address refers to the network address of a computer so that it becomes easy to track emails, pictures, data and other information about the user.

As a matter of fact, the majority of the users are unaware about what IP address is and how things work. We do not want you to remain in the category of ignorant individuals and therefore, we have got all the information regarding the concept of IP address.

IP address is also very necessary for a computer to create a connection with a smart device . if you want to communicate over the internet, IP address is an important thing for that. Despite having a similar model of a modem, each of it comes with a different IP address. Just The Way You require an email address to send an email; similarly, a computer requires an IP address to Grab the network.

An IP address gives you information regarding the internet connection.

Fact About IP address

To put it is an example, every website such as Amazon, Disney and Apple comes with a unique IP address . despite having a certain name and a URL, it’s the IP address that exactly identifies the website.

What does the IP address look like?

An IP address consists of four sets of numbers,  each of which comprises 1 – 3 digits. just like : There is a dot that separates these sets and creates a whole IP address.

We must Express our gratitude to the IP address because it helps us to receive emails and execute Google searches.

An IP address is also very important in retrieving the data online. The segmented numbers have a duty of sending and receiving data from all over the world.

A few basic facts about IP address

An IP address helps A machine to work like a unique identifier. Just the letter would reach the exact mailing address, it is the computer’s unique address that helps to Grab data with the help of internet connection. Maximum of the networks now-a-days include TCP protocols to communicate online. The TCP or IP is what we call as the IP address of a computer.

  • Ipv4 has a combination of 32 binary bits for generating a single unique address. Each number is the decimal representation of an 8 digit binary .
  • IPv6 address uses 128 binary bits to create a unique IP address.

During the beginning of ipv4 address in, the internet was not so widely used . After the commercialization of several products and prolong usability of the internet, people started using IPv6 Technology. It became possible to adress computers after that.

How does a computer receive an IP address?

Now, this is an interesting question . IP addresses can be either created by the user himself by editing the network setting. Such an IP address is known as the static IP address. This might create network issues and is not used most of the time. The main IP address is the TCP one that is assigned by the dynamic host configuration protocol – service running the network. To put it all together, a dynamic IP address is the main one. Dynamic IP address exists for a limited time period. In case the lease expires, the computer automatically requires a new lease and it acquires a renewed IP address . it all happens automatically and there are no disputes created.

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