What is jio Wi-Fi calling how to use it?

What is jio Wi-Fi calling how to use it?

Wi-Fi calling is one of the best features from jio technology that allows the users to make and receive calls on Wi-Fi using their existing number.

Benefits of using jio Wi-Fi calling-

  • Helps the users to get the strongest network with absolutely uninterrupted and crystal clear calls.
  • Help the users in tackling the signal issues and keep them away from cellular dark zones.
  • The official website of jio Technology gives all the information about jio Wi-Fi calling and hacks.
  • No additional charges from the existing voice plan.

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Facts about jio Wi-Fi calling-

  • Jio Wi-Fi free calling supports more than 150 varieties of hundred.
  • The service works in every part of India without any extra charges.

The video and voice calling service from Reliance jio allows the users to use the best network across the country. The service is also known as vowifi because it has a double benefits of Wi-Fi and 4G volte call. The jio customers can Undertake Wi-Fi from 150 handsets. It helps them to access Wi-Fi straight away from their homes and offices without any hassles. Jio is constantly testing the service and working hard to deliver a robust performance to the users.

Key features of jio Wi-Fi calling –

  • One can talk on almost any Wi-Fi network.
  • The voice and video calls help the users to switch in between volte and Wi-Fi
  • The jio Wi-Fi users have the largest ecosystem of handsets.
  • Jio customers can easily make a video over Wi-Fi calls

Are there any charges for Wi-Fi calling from jio?

No absolutely not there are no additional charges for jio Wi-Fi calling for any Indian number. Even if you make a call while it is on roaming, the jio Wi-Fi calling does not come with extra charges for it. There are several benefits that the customers can enjoy in the form of HD calling. As long as your smartphone is capable of performing Wi-Fi calling with the active jio tariff plan, you can enjoy a great service for free at any point of time you want.

Step-by-step guide to enable Wi-Fi calling from jio?

Carefully follow the instructions that we have shared on this page to enable jio Wi-Fi calling in your existing handset and direct plan.

  • Activate Wi-Fi calling feature in your device and move further.
  • Get connected with the Wi-Fi network so that you can make free Wi-Fi calls

How to make free Wi-Fi calls using jio Wi-Fi network?

  • After you have set up jio Wi-Fi calling there are no certain steps and procedures that have to be followed. Your phone automatically interchanges between the Wi-Fi and the cellular settings depending on which one is better.
  • Jio wi-fi service consumes a very little amount of data during the phone and video calls. With less than half MB data consumed per minute of voice calling you will never find any difficulty in having a conversation with your loved ones using the jio Wi-Fi network.
  • The all new service from jio Wi-Fi works equally well in both iOS and Android handsets. The service from jio delivers high speed internet connection on all the handsets.
  • Apart from having a handset that supports the service, you should also have a device that allows you to access high speed internet connection so as to get the best speed from jio. The latest version of the software should be present in the device.

More information about jio Wi-Fi calling

After all the networks, jio has finally come up with a Wi-Fi feature that gives a breakthrough to the users. Earlier the service was only available for the Airtel users and now it can be used by the jio users as well. A fully functional smartphone supports jio Wi-Fi calling so that the domestic calls from the telephone operators are not required to be paid.

In case of calling that is made within the boundaries of India, zero charges have to be paid. However if the calling is made on an international level, the users have to make the payment for enjoying this particular feature.

Both Airtel and jio are offering freeĀ  voice Wi-Fi services for the domestic users. The Wi-Fi calling can be only used when the phone is connected to the Wi-Fi network and there is an application installed for that. If the phone is not connected on the Wi-Fi network you have to use the regular 4G network.

You can get your phone checked with the nearby jio centre to activate the Wi-Fi calling feature from the company. Also the online video tutorials will help you to find out how to activate jio Wi-Fi calling on Android and IOS handsets.

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