How to upgrade jiofi firmware?

How to upgrade jiofi firmware

Reliance jio Wi-Fi portable internet router allows to connect up to 31 devices at the time. Majority of the time the jiofi device comes up with old versions of firmware which can create hindrances in the internet connection. Instead of facing a bad User experience, simply upgrade the jiofi firmware and enjoy high speed internet connection without any glitches.

Majority of the bugs and issues are fixed automatically as soon as you upgrade to the latest version of jiofi firmware. The speed and the performance exorbitantly improves as compared to the previous version. Also, upgrading the device puts an end to any kind of underlying internal error that can be a cause behind present or future discrepancies.

Upkeeping the performance of the portable jiofi device includes upgrading the firmware from time to time. It does not have any arrangements for automatic update and therefore the customer has to manage the required steps manually.

How to find the latest jiofi firmware?

Users can find the latest version of the jiofi in the local jiofi HTML website. Once you pay a visit to jiofi. Local. HTML you will be able to find all the details straight away on that page. Choose the exact jiofi model you have brought and the firmware will be available on that very page. Simply download that and your device is bound to perform better than before.

Step by step guide to upgrade jiofi firmware-

You have to follow the step-by-step guide we have written downwards so that you can have a flawless but an experience. Use your login credentials and it will be very easy for you to enjoy the latest version of jiofi firmware for the best Internet speed-

  • Connect your jiofi device with the power source if it is not charged.
  • Connect the router device with PC or a mobile phone and visit the official jiofi. Local. HTML page
  • After you reached out the router admin page, the next step is to provide your credentials. in case you have forgotten your credentials, the best would be to reset the router in order to put it in the default mode.
  • Use of advance option after login in and you will find configuration backup options over there
  • Take a backup of all the jiofi data and launch the settings option after that
  • Choose firmware upgrade and click on the browse option to download the latest file
  • Choose the apply option to start with the update process. The process will take place on its own. This might take a couple of minutes and you need to wait for that.
  • The latest firmware is now ready to be used in your jiofi device. If the computer does not reboot automatically, do it manually.

Updating the router is always the best way to repair the faulty internet connection and avoid the incoming issues. Sometimes, the device might not work well and may indicate the same in some or the other way. However, jiofi from Reliance does not always help in fixing up the issues.

Majority of the time, you need to use a desktop to upgrade the device. However, recently with jio fi mobile application, the procedure has been simplified manifold.

Things to be kept in mind while downloading the device firmware –

  • Do not visit any other website apart from the official one in order to download the genuine version of the firmware.
  • Navigate to the section where it is possible to update the firmware. you will usually find the firmware option in the system setup, administration or advanced section of the router.
  • Choose the update option on the exact firmware that would be beneficial for you. Let the process execute.
  • It is very important to allow the process to get executed on its own without interrupting it in the middle. Any kind of interruptions can result in the requirement of starting the process straight away from the beginning.
  • The official website of jio will be helping you to know the exact process of firmware update. Therefore it is always recommended to pay a visit to it before initiating the process.

Sometimes, certain router models come up with automatic formula updates which are very beneficial for the users. the jiofi device does not come with this facility and you need to manage things on your own.

 Final words

Updating the firmware of the router is not a very lengthy process but a simple one. If you have to frequently switch off and switch on your device because of the lower internet speed, maybe it is the firmware of the device that is the male culprit. The slightest of neglect in case of cyber security can result in a great threat upon your data and Bank savings. Therefore, it is always important to keep everything updated including the firmware of the router to enjoy unprecedented security and internet connection.

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