How to Increase the Speed of the Internet?

Increase Speed of the Internet

The Internet plays a crucial role in executing the majority of the tasks in our life. no matter whether it is about embracing high-end entertainment or paying bills , almost everything requires high speed internet connectivity . at times, the internet speed can go down thereby creating a lot of troubles . In such a case the users have to follow certain guidelines to induce the speed at maximum possible . maybe there is an underlying issue that is not allowing the network to catch up the required pace . here are certain things that you can do about it-

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  • Conduct a virus scan

No matter how well your router performs, if your computer is flooded with virus attacks, it can be very difficult to make the Internet work fast . Always keep a good antivirus to eliminate the unwanted Malware and Virus attack.

  • Check out filters

In case you find your internet connection not working fast, make sure that you keep a note of the filters that have been activated . Sometimes, the applied filters end up creating a lot of trouble in accessing a good speed internet . make sure you disable them for a better quality internet from your router device.

  • Plug in

Internet speed can never work that well if you have been using wired connection from the router . It has been observed that the majority of the time Wi-Fi connections work better than the wired ones.

  • Shorten and replace cables

The length of the cable can affect the overall speed of the internet . also , if it has become old and obsolete it does require a replacement no matter whether it is long or short. Try to access the internet with newer and shorter cables.

  • Switching it off and on

No matter whether it is the router for the device that is connected with the internet, switching things off and on always work in resolving the majority of the issues . The same applies with the speed of the internet as well.

  • Keep the firmware and software updated

You need to update the router modem regularly so that there are no entrances while operating the internet . For example, if you have been using a Netgear router, visit the official website of the device and download the most compatible version of firmware.

  • Check out the cabling

Sometimes, the issue underliesĀ  from the end of the internet service provider. It simply means that they will send a burger from the company to the home and they will be finding out the probable issue.

  • Reset the router

The easiest thing that you can do to resolve the internet issue is to reset the router . there is an option for that in the device itself . you just have to press the reset option for a couple of seconds and the device will automatically reach the default mode . This will eliminate the present issues in the router and the internet connection will automatically work better.

  • Manage the connected devices

The speed of the internet automatically decreases because of division taking place in a number of devices that are connected to a . if you want the internet speed to be at Zenith, make sure that there is just one main device connected to the router at a single time .

  • Changing the browser

Different browsers have different capabilities and functions . if you are an internet connection is just not working well, maybe your internet browser is not that supported . try changing it once.

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