How to Factory Data Reset Router?

Factory Data Reset Router

Factory resetting netgear router deletes all the settings and personalization that you have made in the device. It would put the entire model in the default mode including the password and the username. However, it should be remembered that factory reset is a vital step for restoring the original settings and is getting away from any present issues in the router. It is indeed the easiest step towards troubleshooting the router at home.

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The built-in feature uses software to automatically delete all the data present in the device. The process returns the device in the exact mode in which you had purchased it.  In other words, factory reset means Resetting the device in a mode when it was manufactured in a factory. The process helps in fixing the major errors and also proves worthwhile in case you have lost the credentials.

What is the need of factory reset?

Performing a factory reset is not at all hard . The process is meant for the users so that they can easily resolve issues at home. The feature of factory reset in the Netgear devices is not just meant for managing your data but is also important for troubleshooting the general issues. Instead of managing lengthy procedures of troubleshooting, pressing the reset option available in the device itself can save your time and patience.

All the installed applications, accounts, software, personal data and passwords are erased from the device memory . everything is wiped out absolutely clean and therefore you should at least keep a backup of all the vital data.

Reasons why factory reset becomes important

  • Unresponsive device

If your device is responding late or  hanging during operations, factory reset becomes a necessity in such a case. You should not ignore the problem because it can eventually end up creating bigger troubles. Performing a simple factory reset would make the device perform as smooth as it did earlier.

  • Slow connection

Changing the credentials quite often and operating the device frequently can make it flooded with a lot of internal data. Perform a factory reset and let it work with minimal possible information.

Are there any drawbacks of factory reset?

Factory reset doesn’t  perfectly help the user to get away from the issues. It is a great option but there comes a greater threat of  loosing your local storage data. The process of factory reset takes place on the main memory of the device and it does not affect the SD cards. So if you have anything that it can be backed up in the SD card, always do that first before performing the factory reset.

How to perform factory reset in Netgear Router?

  • Verify the power light of your router and make sure that it is connected with an electrical connection.
  • Netgear router comes with factory restore settings as a reset button at the back panel of the device.
  • You need to press and hold the reset option for several seconds and then release it to perform the factory reset successfully.
  • Your router is back to the default settings.

What are the default credentials of the Netgear router?

  • Username – admin
  • Password – password

Step by step guide to reset Netgear cable modem router-

  • Identify the reset option towards the back panel of your cable modem router.
  • With the help of a sharp object or a paper clip, hold the reset option and release it so that your cable modem router reboots.
  • You have successfully reset your cable modem router

A few important tips to be remembered-

  • Make sure that you have no device connected with power supply before performing the factory reset.
  • Press the reset option for at least 30 seconds if it doesn’t work try pressing it for 1 minute

I am unable to get back the LED light after resetting Netgear Router, what to do?

  • If you do not get the blinking light back after pressing the reset option, there is a problem in the internal unit of the device.

Is it possible to factory reset a Netgear router wirelessly?

No, unlike smartphones, it is impossible to factory reset the Netgear router wirelessly

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