How to check jio number?

 How to check jio number?

You can easily find the jio number with the help of an application available on the Google Play Store. Sometimes, remembering your own phone number become difficult because of having a new sim will stop in that case, jiofi has come up with the step by step guide find out the number without needing to call anyone-

  • Download and install jio application
  • Launch my new application and sign in with the help of sim. the application will identify the jio sim in your device on its own.
  • Locate the jio number at the top of the screen and you can save it straight away

Having an internet data is the most important thing to find out your jio number. You can sign in with the SIM to know how things work

 How to check jio number # method 2

  • Send SMS to 199
  • Jio (IMEI)

 How to check jio number # method 3

If you are wondering how to find out jio phone number Through any other phone, you can follow the below mentioned steps –

SMS jio 123456789123456 at 199

 How to check jio number # method 4

 if you do not know my jio number, it becomes difficult to recharge the phone and also execute several other tasks. For any registration, you need to provide your jio number in order to move ahead.

  • SMS myplan to 199 and you will be able to get the exact phone number of your sim.

The company will immediately message you account details with your phone number. This will help you to find your number without undergoing any hassle.

 How to check jio number # method 5

 make a phone call on another mobile

The easiest way to check your jio phone number is to make a call on any other mobile phone. This will reflect your phone number on another gadget from where you can extract the jio SIM number details.

 How to check jio number # method 6

Call customer care

Another best way to find out your jio phone number details is by calling the customer care. This will help you to get the answer for the required question immediately.

How to check jio number FAQ

  • What is the simplest way to check for jio number?

You can send an SMS to 199 by typing MY PLAN to find out your phone number. The jio application is an alternate way to know how things work. You can find out about the current plants and upcoming offers through the jio application.

  • How to find out the details of my jio number?

The only way to find out the details of your jio phone number is finding the USSD code and typing them to know the existing plans in your mobile phone.

  • Is there any other way to check out jio phone number details online?

Technically, the only way to check out your jio phone number details online is by downloading the jio application from the Google Play Store.

Jio as a brand is helping customers in every possible way. No matter whether it is about availing the SIM or giving details about it, the company makes every possible effort to keep the customers satisfied. The best smartphones have the most high tech workability nowadays. Jio is Not just about making phone calls but also about getting connected to the world through the internet. The HD calls from jio are highly impressive as they help in getting connected with the world without any exorbitant charges.

Ever since Alexander Graham Bell invented phones, the technology has been increasing far and wide. People from all parts of the world are enjoying staying connected with their loved ones and also sharing pictures with each other.

Why should I use jio Sim?

Well, you already know the answer for this question and that is the reason why you made up your mind to buy a jio sim. Reliance jio is reportedly helping users to enjoy the cheapest 4G service. The company took an initiative to put an end to the expensive 3G charges and brought a network with a better coverage. It came up with impressive tariff plans that literally made calling a free phenomena. The excellent audio quality and much impressive jio plan helped the users to get over with their existing numbers and start using the jio Sim.

Apart from all the services provided by jio, it also delivers free 100 SMS that is the maximum limit set by TRAI. Earlier, the telecom companies charged heavy prices for the SMS packs. Jio has helped the customers to get several complementary services that were otherwise quite expensive.

So, if you have just moved on to the new jio Network and do not know your phone number, quickly follow our guide to know your jio SIM card number. you can enjoy free caller tunes, SMS and enjoy a lot with the amazing Telecom service from Reliance.

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