How to change jiofi login username and password?

How to change jiofi login username and password?

Changing the login credentials from time to time is always a healthy practice. Since there are always preying eyes over the internet, changing passwords keeps the user away from unwanted scams and hacks.

The jio hotspot service readily distributes high speed internet connection to five devices at a time. However, just like any other internet service, it can create a lot of hassle for the user if they are not aware about their credentials. Even if you have been regularly using the jio Wi-Fi hotspot, you still need to know the credentials well. At any point of time you can get logged out from the device because of which entering the correct details in order to start using the internet connection again remains important. If you do not remember jio Wi-Fi username or password, we have shared a guide that can help you substantially.

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A person might feel like securing the connection because of several reasons. The first one is to secure the connection and customise the network name. The second reason may be because of the security reasons. In any form you should always keep the jio Wi-Fi login username and the password intact to help yourself to enjoy a better service.

Step by step guide to manage jiofi login username and password?

  • Power supply your jio Wi-Fi device

You need to switch on your device as the first step to make any changes in it. Majority of the time the users can find the default jiofi password and the username in the back of the package box. Also, one can locate the credential under the battery towards the back of the device.

  • Connect a digital gadget with the jiofi device

Connect your internet with jio Wi-Fi device managing the wireless settings. You can input 192. 168. 225.1 In the web browser URL to reach the jio Wi-Fi settings page. Login the previous jio Wi-Fi password and username or use the default once if you have not changed them earlier.

  • Changing the jiofi password

You will get an option to change the password under the network – Wi-Fi configuration – secured key.

  • Select the password

Choose a password and save the changes for future purpose. You can customise the password by choosing a complex combination of alphabets, number and symbols.

How to change network name in jiofi device?

The network name SSID should never reveal your personal details elss it will become easier for the hackers to intrude. If you want to change the profile network name, here we have brought a guideline for that-

  • Choose network
  • Wi-Fi configuration
  • Change SSID field
  • Select the name that you want to save is the jiofi network name. This particular name will be reflecting whenever you will try to search for the jio Wi-Fi in order to connect with the network.

Activating the jio sim card is also not an issue because the company has established jio centres in almost every City. Eventually, the brand started with the number portability service that helps the customers to continue with their previous numbers with jio network India sim cards. The data speed from jio has always been as fast as it used to be earlier. Only in remote areas, there has been a problem with the jio internet speed. Rest, majority of the India is having a good time with high quality jio telecom service.

The first LTE

No doubt jio has brought a revolution in terms of workability and efficiency. Despite bringing a better service coverage,  jio never thought of enhancing the charges of the internet speed and telecommunication. It indeed brought several free plans which made the brand go viral in no time. People who were not having jio smartphones purchased the jio Wi-Fi device that help them to undertake the 4G speed in their existing smartphones. The price of the device was kept very nominal at 2000 rupees.

Voice calls and SMS in jio smartphones are absolutely free. There are so many extra services such as caller tune and jio mobile applications that provide a lot of free entertainment services over the internet. Jio for the draught the revolution of free roaming that helped one to escape The exorbitant Telecom charges on travelling. Now, you are just expected to pay for the data and there is no need to worry for any extra roaming charges at all.

With more and more people using the jio network, it is very important to keep yourself safe and away from any hacks. Keep on scrolling data but make sure that nobody is able to track you online. Keep on changing the password and the username and also put an identifiable SSID name. The higher security parameters one undertakes, the better it would be for the user.

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