How to Activate Call Waiting on Jio ?

How to activate waiting in jio?

Majority of Android empowered Smartphones naturally have the call forwarding and waiting feature activated. but the jio phones might not have them sometimes. if you have the old school jio phone model that needs special steps to be followed to activate call waiting, we have brought a full dedicated article for that. Call waiting is undoubtedly a great feature that helps us to know who the upcoming caller is while we are already on a telephonic conversation with someone. It helps us to attend the important calls even while we are in the middle of conversation. This saves us from unseen losses and circumstances. Sometimes, missing out a phone call can be something very dangerous or losing. Therefore the call waiting feature at least helps us to know who was the caller was trying to contact us when there was an ongoing call with someone else.

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What is the call waiting feature?

The call waiting is notified from the beep sound coming from the background while one is busy in another call. The new incoming calls while one is already on another call is taken as the call waiting. The short sound in the form of beep helps in notifying the user. The call of the previous caller does not get disconnected on its own. Until and unless you yourself put an end or choose to hold the previous, the ongoing call will continue along with the background beep sound that signifies the call waiting.

Call waiting feature is very important for businesses where each and every call is considered important. By utilizing this feature of call waiting, the company does not message any important or voice mail.

Benefits of call waiting feature in jio phone-

  • The feature keeps you notified for the new incoming call and does not disconnect the old one.
  • You can send a Voicemail to the incoming caller.
  • You can put the previous call on hold or simply create conferencing by choosing the relevant option.

How to activate call forwarding in jio phone?

Activating call forwarding in jio phone needs you to follow the below mentioned steps-

  • Dial * 401 * 10 digit number for activating call forwarding unconditional.
  • Dial * 403 * 10 digit mobile number for call forwarding no answer

Step by step guide to activate call waiting in jio phone-

  • You don’t have to activate the call waiting service separately because in the majority of the devices as it comes preactivated. However, you can still manage the settings with the help of call waiting and check out if it is inactive.
  • Always remember that call waiting is only possible when there is an active SIM in the device. If at any point you are unable to activate the call waiting feature in the jio phone, you need to get in touch with the operator or nearby jio Centre.
  • The HD voice calls on jio have impressed users from all over India. People can now experience clear Network and cheaper network rates with the one and only jio mobile phones. Even in a noisy environment, jio allows us to have crystal clear conversations just like the person is standing next to you.
  • Reliance has always been bringing a revolutions in terms of mobile technology. It has been constantly making efforts to reduce the charges of the internet and calling in the best possible way. Recently the 199 plan from the company allowed the users to have unlimited 4G high speed internet along with seamless calling experience.
  • The HD voice from jio Technology uses wideband audio Technology and noise cancellation. The voice conversations become all the more natural and work without any problems. In order to experience HD voice, the person calling and the person receiving the phone should have an HD network like jio.

Are there any alternatives available for volte?

So far there are no alternatives available for volte Network and you have to purchase a handset that supports 4G in any case. 2G and 3G connection works fast but not as efficient as the Reliance jio network does. The multi party audio and video conferencing service cannot be better enjoyed in any other network apart from jio. There are services like call waiting , call management and call forwarding. identification and restriction services are also made a part of the jio Service.

Final words

There is not just one option when there is an ongoing beep sound because of call waiting. There are several options for the receiver to choose and answer. One can pick up the call or also reject it on the spot. it is totally up to you whether the call is accepted, put on hold or rejected.  In any case, call waiting is a great feature that keeps you away from missing important phone calls that can otherwise cause huge losses.

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