Difference between Dynamic vs Static IP

Difference between dynamic vs static IP

What is an IP address?

The unique number associated with every device working on a network is known as the IP address . IP address ( aka internet protocol exactly works like a street address that is needed to determine where a particular letter has to be posted . every internet service using a domain name system in order to enable people to use certain words instead of numbers for identifying the internet address. DNS also refers to the internet address that is useful in mapping domain names for the IP address .

While a person types a certain URL in the empty box of the browser, that particular website address would ask for the DNS of the website IP address . the DNS would eventually return the IP address that is assigned to the domain name of the website . as a result, the browser is able to connect a computer with that particular IP address.

What is the exact difference between static and dynamic IP address?

The address remains constant in case of static IP address . on the other hand, the dynamic IP address changes when a device is connected with a network .

When do we exactly need an IP address?

IP addresses are generally required when the website needs to Remember the IP address of a device . VPN services often whitelist IP addresses for the security purposes . usually there is no need for an IP address when a website is hosted over a server .

How do we receive dynamic IP addresses?

Dynamic IP address is received with the help of advanced settings off the computer . the moment an IP address changes the DNS entry for the server is automatically updated . therefore the new users can use the similar domain name . one can choose the dynamic DNS provider so that there is no need to install the additional software in the computer .

How do we receive a static IP address?

  • One can use the advanced settings to reserve the IP address for a specific device running on the Local Network . every device keeps the same IP address until and unless you personally remove the device from the network .
  • The moment a device signs up for Google fibre for a small scale business, it can select an option to have no static IP address . A single IP address for multiple devices if you are shown on the screen of the computer while signing up . in case you sign up for the static IP address, you will be assigned with an address for the service when it is installed and activated .
  • There is either a dynamic IP address associated with a device that has signed up for an internet service provider . dynamic itself means constant change and that is the reason such a kind of IP address is not much powerful because it tends to change with time.
  • Talking about the static IP address, it is more stable and it does not change.
  • Majority of the IP addresses for which we sign up today are over the internet service provider and dynamic in nature . they are cost effective for the user as well as for the internet service provider.

Final words

To be very honest, IP addresses are all about numbers and nothing else . It is mainly about the quality of internet connection . if the internet connection is working well it does not matter whether you are using a static or a dynamic IP address.

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