Router Passwords

Default Router Passwords

Here are the list of most popular default router passwords across the globe which are in use !!!You can also find the default password for your Router’s Admin Panel in the given table below:

Router Brand Login IP Username Password
admin admin
D-Link admin admin
Netgear admin password
Linksys admin admin
Asus admin admin
Belkin admin admin
Huawei admin admin
Cisco admin
Tenda admin admin
BenQ admin admin
Digicom admin michelangelo
Sitecom admin admin
Thomson admin user
US Robotics admin admin

What is the Mac address?

What is the Mac address?

No matter whether your device is connected with a wired or wireless connection, there is always a requirement for cables and routers to transfer data from one destination to another . at the end, it is very essential to have an IP address . the network interface card is specifically present in the computer circuit to make network connections possible for your computer .

  • The network interface card is important to turn data into electrical signals so that they can be distributed all over a specific network .
  • Every interface card comes with a hardware address that we refer to as the Mac address . typically it stands for media access control . just like an IP address [ ] is related with networking software, the Mac address is linked with hardware of a network adapter .
  • The router device carries a Mac address the moment it is manufactured. Such an address is hardcoded in the network of the computer with all the uniqueness . It is something that is also called address resolution protocol which translates the IP address into a Mac address . The aarp also works like a passport that extracts data from an IP address with the help of an actual piece of computer hardware.
  • It is the software and the hardware working together just the way IP address and MAC address are combined together . Mac address is also known as the hardware address because it is mentioned in the device that helps in connecting with the internet . it is the physical address off the network interface card.

Mac address doesn’t actually appear like IP address because it consists of 6 sets of two digit characters that are typically separated by Colons.

Dell, Cisco, nortel and Belkin are some of the well known brands that manufacture network adaptors . These manufacturers create a special number sequence that identifies them as the main manufacturer .

MAC address and networks go hand in hand

Almost every device working on the same network has a different MAC address. Each MAC address is very important in diagnosing the present and potential issues in the network . Mac addresses are never prone to changes and they are opposite to the dynamic IP address that keeps on changing regularly . For most of the network administrators, a mac address is one of the best ways to identify the receivers and the centres of the data on a specific network.

Internet specifically uses Mac addresses and therefore the centre requires to get the Mac address off the device in case of ARP .

What is wireless router and Mac filtering?

The wireless networks come up with Mac filtering as a security measure to prohibit any unknown person accessing the network . when a person uses MAC address filtering, it allows the router to accept traffic only from Limited Mac addresses . therefore only those devices that have approved Mac addresses are able to communicate to the network .

Final words

Every device that is connected with the internet has an IP address and a unique MAC address that helps in identifying a specific network . talking about the IP address and MAC address, both of them are important components of networking and devices . Mac addresses are often referred to low level basics that help in boosting the internet based network . Each network card comes with a unique MAC address. Targets of data are transferred over the Ethernet always arise from one MAC address and sent to another MAC address .

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