Blog is referred to as the default IP address that is sometimes mistyped and returns as an invalid webpage. The private class admin panel is a set by the company of the router as the default login address. In case you want to change the settings of your router device, you need to first of all login into the admin panel alike by typing this particular IP address in the search bar.

Steps to logon to

Accessing the settings of your router by logging into router IP address . The process of logging is not very difficult or complicated. All you need to do is connect your router in order to access the settings. Here is the login guide for

  • Launch the preferred web browser so that you can access the address.
  • Type as the default IP address . if in case you think that the address does not exist, just try to log on to the official website of the manufacturer.

The username and the password generally remain admin and password respectively.

After you have successfully logged into the settings page of your router, It can easily allow you to change password and username for security reasons. There is absolutely no need to keep your sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers accessible. Also, the password should be such that it becomes difficult to guess.

Unable to log on to

Facing issues while login is very common and there are a number of solutions for that. Here is what you can do-

  • The default gateway address of the router device is The users Need to be very careful so that they can manage logging in the correct gateway address.
  • Even if you were typing the incorrect address in the URL bar or put decimal notation, it can be impossible for you to log on to the page.
  • Make sure that you are browsing other websites in the same network because the Internet issue will never let you access anything at all.
  • In case of misconfigurations, you can factory reset by Simply pressing the button for 10 seconds.

You must generally avoid opting for the factory reset option because that erases all the important data and leaves the majority of the things exposed for the prying eyes.

For example, opting to factory reset puts the username and password at default mode which is easy to get worktop anybody can hack the available information and use your data.

Factory reset alters all the manual settings including the guest network, operation and any other changes that you have made for your comfort. Also, any device that is connected with your router will get disconnected because of the password change. If in case you have been using the voice calling feature, it also hampers the communication and puts everything into emergency mode. You will be able to use the Calling feature only when the router services are back online.

Settings for advanced wireless gateway

Generally the security settings for the wireless Gateway is WPS / wpa2 that simply means attackers can access your internet connection remotely. You can prohibit the attackers from accessing your personal network by constantly changing the user settings. The only way to do that is to change the user settings constantly. If you have a habit of regularly changing the password and the credentials that automatically makes it difficult for the hackers to guess things. admin login is generally used by the private networks. In general, is used to access the IP address of the server so as to get connected with. The particular address is issued by the network hardware in the client side as the default address. It is a special Ip address that basically belongs to ipv4 and is used by the business telecommunication Brand.

People often come across different combinations of IP addresses available online. Majority of them represent the default gateway login. The best way to find the default IP address of the router is when you have just purchased it. The outer box generally has the configuration details and the router IP address. It allows better management and parental control of the router.

In case the router device you have been using has as the default admin login, you can use it for accessing the device settings. Make sure that you input the correct credentials because the slightest of change can make you enter the other user admin page.

How can I find out whether the router has as the default login address?

  • Open the search bar of your computer and type CMD
  • you will immediately get the command prompt
  • Type ipconfig and press enter
  • You can look up for the local IP address of the router
  • You can now check out the IP address of the default Gateway of Router

How to find out the default IP address for a Mac Operating System?

  • Select the Apple icon
  • Check out the system preferences option and move ahead.
  • Make up on the network icon located on the Internet and wireless setting.
  • You will be able to notice the default IP address of the router

What is the admin tool?

The admin tool allows to configure the router settings that perfectly suits the usage of the internet. With so many routers available over the globe, it is very easy for the hackers to threaten the security of the and leave it vulnerable.

It is really difficult to keep the router completely secured. Default gateway tool of the router makes it very easy to carry out important settings and customise a number of things in the best way possible.

Service set identifier is the name of the Wi-Fi network and the Wi-Fi password.

 How to manage default username and password in admin login?

The IP addresses are basically the labels that help in identifying the devices data in connection with the computer network. It is specifically with the help of IP address that a device can connect and communicate with different devices over the IP based network. The Internet is the most common example of it.

The internet service provider avails the IP address from the regional internet registries and assigns the number to your specific gadget. It is not that you connect directly with the internet but rather it is the network that you are connected to. The network grants you access.

The router helps you to get connected with computers, tablets and different digital gadgets. It is specifically possible when it assigns the local IP address. The internet protocol is basically the core internet protocol with more than 4 billion free to access IP addresses availed by RIRS.

The moment you need to change any Wi-Fi related settings, it is recommended to use as the best option.

What if in case you forget your username and password?

If in case you forget your username or password, you can utilise the default username and password . The easiest thing that you can do to manage the username and a password once again is by factory setting the router. By taking this action, you will be reversing all the details that have been set. It will put the router in the factory mode. in order to reset the router, all you need to do is press the option for 20 seconds by taking the assistance of a needle or a toothpick. As soon as the light of the machine turns on, the procedure begins.

After the router is reset, it will return back in the same state as it was after the manufacturing date. You must always note down the important information and take a backup of the details that seem irrecoverable after the router setup.

Which router uses as the IP address?

xfinity routers use as the default IP for identification. It is quite possible that the technician will be changing it to a different IP address during the installation. Majority of the time the routers use admin login to manage the settings and credentials. It is only when you provide the correct router credentials, it is possible to administer the settings.

Final words

So, this was all about admin login. The IP address combination is specifically reserved for the private networks. Make sure that you type everything very correctly because the slightest of mistakes can end up reflecting a lot of errors on your screen.



Your router plays an important role in helping you to get connected with the internet. It is very important to know the basic configuration of your router so that managing the settings and manipulating things becomes easy. 192.168.i.254 is generally the reserved IP address for the wireless routers and modem. You just need to type this address in the empty address bar of the browser. It’s that the admin panel immediately opens right before on your screen. Majority of the brands like Thomson, billion and technicolor use 192.168.I.254 as the basic configuration to access the settings panel. Otherwise there are alternatives like & as well. Typing the above-mentioned settings helps the users to to access the control panel and also land on to the default gateway IP.

Majority of the people who do not know the IP address of the routers can type and press the enter option. This will let you Alter The settings of your router so that you can manage the statistics and have a look at the data consumption. The setup process is generally very easy but needs the help of a technician. On typing the configuration correctly, you will be able to navigate to the control candle where router settings just like, management of data traffic and Statistics options are available.



How to find the login page for 192. 168.I. 254

Just type the available configuration in your browser and immediately you will land on to the admin panel. Sometimes, you might not know the correct password and that is when you need to reset the modem to the factory settings. The factory settings are used to bring the device into the original state.

How do we reset the password for 192.168.I.254?

Reset the modem bus making the reset option located at the back. You need to hold down this small tiny button for approximately 20 seconds. It will then restore the basic settings of your router and will bring it into the original state like factory made.

The thing that you need to bear in mind while conducting the factory reset thing is to take the expert guidance. if you do not have sufficient information, make sure that you do not perform the factory reset operation because that can create a whole lot of Hassles.

You must at least know the username and the password by default.

 it goes without saying that is the basic configuration for the majority of the brands. This is a good chance that lets you access the router settings of another device as well. If you ever plan how to change the router settings that includes the Wi-Fi name and password and other details, you just have to type in the empty address bar and that will immediately give you the access to the settings of your router.

192.168.I.254 IP address is quite critical specially to someone who doesn’t have much experience in managing the computer network. In actuality there is nothing at all strange about it. Just the basic details and you will be able to manage the settings and everything very easily.

192.168.I.254 IP address has been reserved for the private addresses only. The internet engineering task force is the department that reserves everything and develops voluntary internet standards. The internet assigned numbers and all the other important details are looking after the organisation only.

Internet protocol address is vital for network interface identification and local addressing

Each and every device that uses the power of the internet is assigned with a certain IP address. The numerical label not only helps the network to identify the location of the digital device but also result in a better management of resources online.

Whatever domain name you have been typing over the search bar is converted into the IP address using a hierarchical decentralized naming system that is commonly known as DNS. Not every IP address is meant for public use and that is the reason why it is so important to keep a basic difference between the private and the public network.

You can easily find being a part of a 16 bit block that consists of 65535 and other private IP networks. A router having can be easily identified as a private network.

How to login to 192.168.I.254?

It is very easy to log on to the user admin panel of the router. Make sure that you always type www. Before the IP address the result will not come out clear. Your address might display the result such as an err name not resolved that can be the result of improper typing of the IP address.

How to know what the admin login panel has?

It is very important to know the password and login address on the router in the majority of the cases. The password of the router is written in the sticker that is stuck at the back of the packaging. You will be able to access the basic instructions through the instruction manual that comes free with the router.

You need to try a combination of numbers and letters in case you forget the password of the router. If in case you cannot find any method to access the settings of the router, just type how to log on to router and this will let you know the exact details and steps online.

How to access the router admin panel?

There is no Universal way to access the router admin panel. Each and every router comes with a different setting. Here is what you can basically do-

  • Launch the web browser
  • Type in the empty URL box.

We assume that the IP address of your router is and that is how you will be able to alter the settings it has.

  • Simply type the admin name and the password

Only option to get over the discrepancy and errors that arise while accessing that you were a tunnel is by performing the factory reset.

Routers are small in size and they have a tiny option of resetting. There is an indicator light that lets you know whether the process is properly being executed. Just give it a minute after pressing and you will find the router being rebooted.

 How do I check the connectivity?

After you have just changed the password and settings of the router, you can check the wireless site survey. This will let you find out about the troubleshooting steps and Wi-Fi analysis.

Getting in touch with the expert network technician can be very expensive. If you can manage to find out the basic details of your router, such as password and username, the rest can be easily managed by logging into the modern admin panel. IP address indicates that it is a private address that is used by several routers. You must always remember the correct configuration of the IP address so that whenever it comes to changing the settings of your device, it can be undertaken by you. Apart from, There are so many other Ip addresses that you will come across the internet. The only thing that is common between them is that they are not accessible from the internet.

Still facing difficulties during 192.168.I.254 admin login?

We Just cannot imagine our life without a router. A router is almost nothing but a simple network device that redirects the traffic. The data that we sent over the internet takes place in the form of data packets. Every router is assigned with a specific IP address that helps in creating a connection between the home computers and the internet.

About the routers, we just cannot isolate the IP address thing alone. The internet protocol address is what helps in creating a connection. is a private address and that is how you can use it to create a connection with a device-

  • The users can use the same IP address but that doesn’t mean that every device belongs to the same network.
  • One doesn’t need a DHCP server because that is used when a default IP address is being used.
  • The flow of information becomes very easy when you use a default IP address.

Final words

After we have completely understood the and its features, we will be able to use things appropriately. It is very essential to remember the login details so that managing the settings becomes possible.

It is very necessary to keep the manufacturer documentation with yourself. The manufacturer documentation keeps the guidelines for using the router and the way things that have to be managed. It also shows important details and helps the users to know the basic steps for everything connected with the router.

In order to visit the admin page of, you just have to type the IP address in the address bar and select the link that we have included below.

Choose the browser through which you want to browse and in the URL bar, simply type the IP address to access the router interface. Here is what you can do about the IP address- The first step includes finding out the IP address of your router . for that, you need to access the router package box.


In case you are login through a Windows PC, you can go for it.  The IP address is the default gateway that belongs to a router. You can visit the network and sharing centre on the PC. Eventually, click connections to find out the IP address of the router. You will be able to identify the address listed under the ipv4 Gateway column.

In order to check out the IP address of the router with the help of a smartphone, choose the advance properties option connected through the Wi-Fi.

Provide the credentials of your router

You need to provide the IP address of the router in the URL bar of the search Browser . The IP address that we are talking about on this page is 192.168. 1.1. We need to input the same IP address in the login screen and set the username and password in the account .

If you have not set the username and password earlier, simply using the default credentials will help you to login into your account. Right after providing the username and password, you need to hit the enter option.

After you have been able to change the router settings, it will allow you to get complete control over it. It is always advised to keep a note of the previous settings before making the changes. This will help you to remember the credentials and will avoid any kind of future issue.

Facing Router error?

If you have been constantly facing router error, a better option would be to press the reset option. This will reboot the router and put it back in the factory settings.

What if you mistype the IP address?

It is very important to write the IP address very carefully because any kind of tree can create a whole lot of mess. If you incorrectly type the IP address and some point of the time, the browser will automatically give an error message on your screen. Also, if some other router has the same IP address similar to the mistyped one, it will find you on another page which is of no use.

IP address conflict

If in case you have more than just one device helping you to access the internet connection, their IP address can create a conflict. Make sure that while you login with one router, log out with another. This will keep everything simple and manageable. IP address details

An IP address has an important role play in identifying a device connected with the internet. You can access a public address only with one network but the private one can be accessible through the device which is already part of that network. Every device gets a new IP address soon after it is connected with the internet.

Not every router manufacturer uses the same IP address. Each of them might function similarly but in order to access the internet connection, there is a separate IP address allotted. features- is not a very special one but still pack with certain features –

  • is the sequential order for most of the IP addresses.
  • The address is important for configuring the router.
  • Anyone can send the traffic on your network with the default gateway IP address. minimal requirements –

You must make sure that the router is placed near the device so that accessing the internet becomes possible. Nobody can find the IP address of the device straightaway over the internet. Therefore, you need to to log on to the official website in order to access the IP address of a device and the details related to it.

How do we log onto

  • Type 192.168. 1.1 in the browser URL and you will immediately find a login page right on your screen.
  • Provide the correct username and password in the designated empty fields.
  • You can now log on to the admin panel

Unable to login

If you cannot access 192.168 . 1.1 try login through 192.1 68.0.1

Forgot username password

Unable to remember the IP address and the password of your router? Here Are the steps that can help you to recover the credentials in a very easy way –

  • Carefully have a look at the manual box of the router and you will be able to find the default credentials right there written over it.
  • If you have changed the password earlier, just perform a factory reset so that you can login using the default credentials of the device. A small reset option will let you do it all

 How to change router IP address in TP link

  • Using your web browser, choose the address bar in your device and type 192.168. 1.1 as the TP link Wi-fi IP address.
  • Provide the username and password on screen
  • Manage to select a network -lan located towards the left menu
  • Select the IP address among the given option and it save it in your device

How to change router IP address in Netgear

The IP address of a router is a very important part of a networking device. It is pre configured and used as a private address .

The IP addresses are useful for most of the applications. In case your network requires a different IP address, changing it is possible with the steps discussed below. You can move head to the network settings and complete the following steps to change the IP address of the router.

  • Using a web browser, connect to the official website of Netgear login
  • You will find a login window that requires the username and the password as the first step.
  • Choose advance – setup – LAN setup
  • You will find address reservation section in which you need to select the add page option.
  • Choose the IP address from the subnet of the rulers LAN to assign a new IP address.
  • Type MAC address of the server . if the computer is already working on a network, copy the Mac address and straightaway paste it on the empty field.
  • You can copy the Mac address of the computer from the attached devices.
  • Choose the apply option and reserve all the changes that you have made. This will save the new IP address of your device.

How to change the IP settings in a Netgear router?

  • With the help of your internet and the browser, connect to the official page of Netgear router.
  • You can either go for router login.Net or router login.Com
  • Provide the username and password as admin and password
  • Choose advanced option followed by setup and LAN setup
  • Using the IP address field, provide the following address -192.168. 1.1
  • Type the IP Subnet Mask off the router – 255.255. 255.0
  • The IP Subnet Mask give the information about the addresses that are local to a certain device and the one that must be reached through a router or a gateway.
  • Change the routing information protocol settings and select any one among three options that include – both, out only, in only
  • In the Android version list, choose either disabled, r i p – 1 or r i p – 2.
  • Apply changes

Benefits of using static IP address

No matter whether you are editing the IP address in your Netgear or TP link router, it is known as the static IP address in case. The biggest benefit of using the static IP address includes hosting the server consisting of data . The static IP address is very convenient for the computers to locate a specific server .

The computers allowing the remote access on a closed network work specifically with static IP addresses. This helps the variety of computers and operating systems to access the host system.

The static IP address stabilizes the internet and it is not prone to changes. The dynamic IP address is provided during the process of networking and is bound to change on a regular basis. It can even change in a matter of a few hours. This can create a lapse of user connection without prior information. Also the computer might face certain troubles in reconnecting with the internet in case of dynamic internet. Therefore, a computer running on a static IP always enjoys a superior network.

What is PPPoE ?

What is PPPoE – point to point protocol over Ethernet

PPPoE is a specification for getting connected with multiple computers with the help of an ethernet Local area network to access a website through common customer premises . majority of the Internet service providers at global level use internet broadband services subscriptions . Some of the manage it through PPPoE . for maximum of the people who have ever used PPPoE Technology, they are still not aware how a specific network works and how things have to be managed . If you actually understand the concept of PPPoE, it would be easy for you to understand how different networking techniques work.

What do we understand by PPPoE?

PPPoE acronym specifically stands for point to point protocol over Ethernet . It is a networking protocol that is derived from an older protocol known as a PPP . PPP basically stands for point to point protocol.

PPPoE was specifically designed for managing the transmission of data over the Ethernet network . it helps in connecting a single server with the multiple clients using ethernet cable . With multiple clients being able to connect over the same network from the internet service provider, one can get access to the internet simultaneously in parallel . In other words, PPPoE is a modernized way of the old dial up connection that used to be popular around two decades ago.

PPPoE is also capable of managing essential networking features that includes data compression, authentication and encryption.

Who actually invented PPPoE?

PPPoE was invented by redback networks and routerware during the 2000s . it eventually became popular after a few years . the point to point protocol is the fundamental networking protocol that completely allows communication between two computers that use serial interfaces . This particular protocol was prevalent during the early 2000 when dial up internet was  prominent . After that the most commonly used Technology was PPPoE that helped in establishing a good connection between computer and a server from a telecom company that used a phone line and a modem . PPP are also called dial up connections and were quite popular amongst people .

The internet technology kept on growing exponentially and with time, the PPP Technology was replaced . people started feeling that the dialogue connection was just not sufficient as it was not that fast . Moreover, the connections just allowed the personal computer to connect with the ISP server. The networks were growing at the highest speed and a new protocol was established . It was known as PPPoE.

How are PPPoE used?

PPPoE are specifically used by internet service providers to provide internet connections to the users . imagine using an old dial up connection that helps just two people to connect together at a single time . For example, if you are the boss and want to talk with the whole company with the help of conferencing Technology instead of having a telephonic conversation with just one employee, the earlier PPP networks just did not allow it .

As the technology developed, the concept of PPPoE became prominent and one could use the same network to get connected with multiple people. it just appears as if your boss is having a conversation with the entire team and there is a loudspeaker so that nobody has to use a single earpiece to hear what has been said. PPPoE further offers essential networking features like data encryption, authentication and data compression.

What is SSID ?

What is SSID ?

It is quite common for a person to come across the term SSID by using Wi-Fi networks . But do you know what is it exactly? SSID basically stands for service set identifier under the Wireless networking standard that refers to a collection of Wireless networking devices working on a similar parameter . The SSID identifier tells the name of the service that you would join as the Wi-Fi network . whenever you switch on your Wi-Fi option, there is a list of connections available. In simple terms, SSID is just a technical term for the name of the wireless network .

How does SSID work?

SSID exactly Works By distinguishing the unique name of Wi-Fi networks available in a specific area . This helps to connect to the exact network required . one can use all types of Wi-Fi access points available in the public Wi-Fi and home network . router manufacturers often talk about the default name of the device . for example, if the device name is Netgear or Linksys, probably the SSID name is also going to be the same .

A single SSID can be up to 32 characters in length . It is case sensitive and therefore there are no special characters such as periods and dashes and underscores allowed .

If it is an open network name, anybody can easily connect to it . Therefore, the majority of the time SSID are protected with wpa2 and other encryption methods . people generally require paraphrases before connecting . always avoid using an open Wi-Fi network as it can still your important data .

What to do if there are multiple Wi-Fi networks associated with the same SSID?

After you have connected your device to a Wi-Fi network having a certain SSID, it will automatically connect to the same name of SSID in the future as well. The main problem exists when multiple Wi-Fi connections are available with the same SSID . it becomes difficult to differentiate between the Wi-Fi network that we have already joined and the one that is new to us . certain devices can easily connect to the network that have a stronger signal whereas some devices face a lot of problems in identifying a relevant Wi-Fi connection .

For example, if there are two Wi-Fi networks that have the name Netgear your device automatically connects to the one which has a better signal . also, you will likely join a signal that is known to your device for it.

How do we select and change SSID?

Try to choose a non-similar SSID so that there is no difficulty in selecting a Wi-Fi network in any case . also people living nearby will also be able to differentiate between different networks . Roberts network issues in a specific area . never expose personal information in the SSID because that can create a cybersecurity threat . you should remember that SSID is viewable to everybody and therefore it should never have any personal information.

How to change SSID?

You can easily change the name of the WI-FI router by accessing the settings of the device . simply sign in the administrator Prudential and you will be able to alter the Wi-Fi network name .

You need to access the web interface of the router in order to alter the Wi-Fi settings . you can also change the settings of a Wi-Fi router using an application instead of managing a whole lot of steps on a system .

How do we find the SSID network of a Wi-Fi?

 In case you are not connected to a home wi-fi network and there is no clue what is the exact SSID of the router, just access the configuration page to find the paraphrase . This will help to connect to the Wi-Fi network immediately .

What is MAC cloning ?

What is MAC cloning ?

Mac cloning basically refers to the setting of your PC or other Mac address in order to fix the connectivity issue . The full form of  mac is media access control and it is a hardware address of the network interface card .A device gets the Mac address typically when it is manufactured . Several times, computers face a lot of connectivity issues even when there is appropriate Software and Hardware function . In that case,  Mac cloning can preferably help in fixing the issue . an IP address is basically assigned to the computer by DHCP after knowing the Mac address . in case the IP address is lost and the computer disconnect MAC address has an important role play in fixing up the issue is . MAC address if you want to assign the same IP address just like before . it can add a different device such as a smartphone or a router with its own MAC address in place in case the connectivity issue arises.

 The connectivity issue that takes place because of external new MAC addresses into a certain network is automatically fixed with the process of Mac cloning . By simply cloning the Mac address that the internet service provider uses for assigning the IP address, any network issue can be resolved.

 How to clone a Mac address?

 at times, you might be required to manage the Mac address of the device WAN port to be of the same configuration like the Mac address of your PC . In that case it is known as the Mac address cloning . If the internet service provider registers your computer card MAC address while installing the first service and if you happen to place the router behind the cable modem and the MAC address remains and identifiable in that case, it is the computer’s MAC address that has to be cloned in the router.

 Steps to configure the Mac address clone

  • select networking – MAC address clone
  • in the empty MAC address on field, choose enable
  • in order to set the Mac address of a specific device wan port,  follow the below mentioned steps –
  • set a particular MAC address of the WAN port of the computer MAC address and clone my PCs Mac address
  • specify a certain MAC address and enter it in the Mac address field
  • Save

 The major reason to clone the Mac address is because there is a limit for the internet service provider . cloning would typically solve the problem and keep the networking issues resolved .

 There are certain providers that require the users to register a specific address before using it explicitly or through some registration process . An example of implicit registration includes the workability of the cable modem that happens to accept only the first mac address. if there is any other MAC address from others see it’s some kind of web based login form . At times it is cheaper to clone a Mac address instead of getting a new one registered.

 lost internet connectivity suddenly? Let Mac cloning fix

 if the internet was working just fine and suddenly you have lost the connectivity coma cloning Mac address can completely resolve the issue . The process will make your router have the exact address light your computer . technically, this will fix the issue of your computer because internet service providers cannot impose any limitations after this takes place . however if you did not manage the Mac address,  your computer might continue to create issues.

What is jio Wi-Fi calling how to use it?

What is jio Wi-Fi calling how to use it?

Wi-Fi calling is one of the best features from jio technology that allows the users to make and receive calls on Wi-Fi using their existing number.

Benefits of using jio Wi-Fi calling-

  • Helps the users to get the strongest network with absolutely uninterrupted and crystal clear calls.
  • Help the users in tackling the signal issues and keep them away from cellular dark zones.
  • The official website of jio Technology gives all the information about jio Wi-Fi calling and hacks.
  • No additional charges from the existing voice plan.

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Facts about jio Wi-Fi calling-

  • Jio Wi-Fi free calling supports more than 150 varieties of hundred.
  • The service works in every part of India without any extra charges.

The video and voice calling service from Reliance jio allows the users to use the best network across the country. The service is also known as vowifi because it has a double benefits of Wi-Fi and 4G volte call. The jio customers can Undertake Wi-Fi from 150 handsets. It helps them to access Wi-Fi straight away from their homes and offices without any hassles. Jio is constantly testing the service and working hard to deliver a robust performance to the users.

Key features of jio Wi-Fi calling –

  • One can talk on almost any Wi-Fi network.
  • The voice and video calls help the users to switch in between volte and Wi-Fi
  • The jio Wi-Fi users have the largest ecosystem of handsets.
  • Jio customers can easily make a video over Wi-Fi calls

Are there any charges for Wi-Fi calling from jio?

No absolutely not there are no additional charges for jio Wi-Fi calling for any Indian number. Even if you make a call while it is on roaming, the jio Wi-Fi calling does not come with extra charges for it. There are several benefits that the customers can enjoy in the form of HD calling. As long as your smartphone is capable of performing Wi-Fi calling with the active jio tariff plan, you can enjoy a great service for free at any point of time you want.

Step-by-step guide to enable Wi-Fi calling from jio?

Carefully follow the instructions that we have shared on this page to enable jio Wi-Fi calling in your existing handset and direct plan.

  • Activate Wi-Fi calling feature in your device and move further.
  • Get connected with the Wi-Fi network so that you can make free Wi-Fi calls

How to make free Wi-Fi calls using jio Wi-Fi network?

  • After you have set up jio Wi-Fi calling there are no certain steps and procedures that have to be followed. Your phone automatically interchanges between the Wi-Fi and the cellular settings depending on which one is better.
  • Jio wi-fi service consumes a very little amount of data during the phone and video calls. With less than half MB data consumed per minute of voice calling you will never find any difficulty in having a conversation with your loved ones using the jio Wi-Fi network.
  • The all new service from jio Wi-Fi works equally well in both iOS and Android handsets. The service from jio delivers high speed internet connection on all the handsets.
  • Apart from having a handset that supports the service, you should also have a device that allows you to access high speed internet connection so as to get the best speed from jio. The latest version of the software should be present in the device.

More information about jio Wi-Fi calling

After all the networks, jio has finally come up with a Wi-Fi feature that gives a breakthrough to the users. Earlier the service was only available for the Airtel users and now it can be used by the jio users as well. A fully functional smartphone supports jio Wi-Fi calling so that the domestic calls from the telephone operators are not required to be paid.

In case of calling that is made within the boundaries of India, zero charges have to be paid. However if the calling is made on an international level, the users have to make the payment for enjoying this particular feature.

Both Airtel and jio are offering free  voice Wi-Fi services for the domestic users. The Wi-Fi calling can be only used when the phone is connected to the Wi-Fi network and there is an application installed for that. If the phone is not connected on the Wi-Fi network you have to use the regular 4G network.

You can get your phone checked with the nearby jio centre to activate the Wi-Fi calling feature from the company. Also the online video tutorials will help you to find out how to activate jio Wi-Fi calling on Android and IOS handsets.

How to change jiofi login username and password?

How to change jiofi login username and password?

Changing the login credentials from time to time is always a healthy practice. Since there are always preying eyes over the internet, changing passwords keeps the user away from unwanted scams and hacks.

The jio hotspot service readily distributes high speed internet connection to five devices at a time. However, just like any other internet service, it can create a lot of hassle for the user if they are not aware about their credentials. Even if you have been regularly using the jio Wi-Fi hotspot, you still need to know the credentials well. At any point of time you can get logged out from the device because of which entering the correct details in order to start using the internet connection again remains important. If you do not remember jio Wi-Fi username or password, we have shared a guide that can help you substantially.

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A person might feel like securing the connection because of several reasons. The first one is to secure the connection and customise the network name. The second reason may be because of the security reasons. In any form you should always keep the jio Wi-Fi login username and the password intact to help yourself to enjoy a better service.

Step by step guide to manage jiofi login username and password?

  • Power supply your jio Wi-Fi device

You need to switch on your device as the first step to make any changes in it. Majority of the time the users can find the default jiofi password and the username in the back of the package box. Also, one can locate the credential under the battery towards the back of the device.

  • Connect a digital gadget with the jiofi device

Connect your internet with jio Wi-Fi device managing the wireless settings. You can input 192. 168. 225.1 In the web browser URL to reach the jio Wi-Fi settings page. Login the previous jio Wi-Fi password and username or use the default once if you have not changed them earlier.

  • Changing the jiofi password

You will get an option to change the password under the network – Wi-Fi configuration – secured key.

  • Select the password

Choose a password and save the changes for future purpose. You can customise the password by choosing a complex combination of alphabets, number and symbols.

How to change network name in jiofi device?

The network name SSID should never reveal your personal details elss it will become easier for the hackers to intrude. If you want to change the profile network name, here we have brought a guideline for that-

  • Choose network
  • Wi-Fi configuration
  • Change SSID field
  • Select the name that you want to save is the jiofi network name. This particular name will be reflecting whenever you will try to search for the jio Wi-Fi in order to connect with the network.

Activating the jio sim card is also not an issue because the company has established jio centres in almost every City. Eventually, the brand started with the number portability service that helps the customers to continue with their previous numbers with jio network India sim cards. The data speed from jio has always been as fast as it used to be earlier. Only in remote areas, there has been a problem with the jio internet speed. Rest, majority of the India is having a good time with high quality jio telecom service.

The first LTE

No doubt jio has brought a revolution in terms of workability and efficiency. Despite bringing a better service coverage,  jio never thought of enhancing the charges of the internet speed and telecommunication. It indeed brought several free plans which made the brand go viral in no time. People who were not having jio smartphones purchased the jio Wi-Fi device that help them to undertake the 4G speed in their existing smartphones. The price of the device was kept very nominal at 2000 rupees.

Voice calls and SMS in jio smartphones are absolutely free. There are so many extra services such as caller tune and jio mobile applications that provide a lot of free entertainment services over the internet. Jio for the draught the revolution of free roaming that helped one to escape The exorbitant Telecom charges on travelling. Now, you are just expected to pay for the data and there is no need to worry for any extra roaming charges at all.

With more and more people using the jio network, it is very important to keep yourself safe and away from any hacks. Keep on scrolling data but make sure that nobody is able to track you online. Keep on changing the password and the username and also put an identifiable SSID name. The higher security parameters one undertakes, the better it would be for the user.

How to Activate Call Waiting on Jio ?

How to activate waiting in jio?

Majority of Android empowered Smartphones naturally have the call forwarding and waiting feature activated. but the jio phones might not have them sometimes. if you have the old school jio phone model that needs special steps to be followed to activate call waiting, we have brought a full dedicated article for that. Call waiting is undoubtedly a great feature that helps us to know who the upcoming caller is while we are already on a telephonic conversation with someone. It helps us to attend the important calls even while we are in the middle of conversation. This saves us from unseen losses and circumstances. Sometimes, missing out a phone call can be something very dangerous or losing. Therefore the call waiting feature at least helps us to know who was the caller was trying to contact us when there was an ongoing call with someone else.

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What is the call waiting feature?

The call waiting is notified from the beep sound coming from the background while one is busy in another call. The new incoming calls while one is already on another call is taken as the call waiting. The short sound in the form of beep helps in notifying the user. The call of the previous caller does not get disconnected on its own. Until and unless you yourself put an end or choose to hold the previous, the ongoing call will continue along with the background beep sound that signifies the call waiting.

Call waiting feature is very important for businesses where each and every call is considered important. By utilizing this feature of call waiting, the company does not message any important or voice mail.

Benefits of call waiting feature in jio phone-

  • The feature keeps you notified for the new incoming call and does not disconnect the old one.
  • You can send a Voicemail to the incoming caller.
  • You can put the previous call on hold or simply create conferencing by choosing the relevant option.

How to activate call forwarding in jio phone?

Activating call forwarding in jio phone needs you to follow the below mentioned steps-

  • Dial * 401 * 10 digit number for activating call forwarding unconditional.
  • Dial * 403 * 10 digit mobile number for call forwarding no answer

Step by step guide to activate call waiting in jio phone-

  • You don’t have to activate the call waiting service separately because in the majority of the devices as it comes preactivated. However, you can still manage the settings with the help of call waiting and check out if it is inactive.
  • Always remember that call waiting is only possible when there is an active SIM in the device. If at any point you are unable to activate the call waiting feature in the jio phone, you need to get in touch with the operator or nearby jio Centre.
  • The HD voice calls on jio have impressed users from all over India. People can now experience clear Network and cheaper network rates with the one and only jio mobile phones. Even in a noisy environment, jio allows us to have crystal clear conversations just like the person is standing next to you.
  • Reliance has always been bringing a revolutions in terms of mobile technology. It has been constantly making efforts to reduce the charges of the internet and calling in the best possible way. Recently the 199 plan from the company allowed the users to have unlimited 4G high speed internet along with seamless calling experience.
  • The HD voice from jio Technology uses wideband audio Technology and noise cancellation. The voice conversations become all the more natural and work without any problems. In order to experience HD voice, the person calling and the person receiving the phone should have an HD network like jio.

Are there any alternatives available for volte?

So far there are no alternatives available for volte Network and you have to purchase a handset that supports 4G in any case. 2G and 3G connection works fast but not as efficient as the Reliance jio network does. The multi party audio and video conferencing service cannot be better enjoyed in any other network apart from jio. There are services like call waiting , call management and call forwarding. identification and restriction services are also made a part of the jio Service.

Final words

There is not just one option when there is an ongoing beep sound because of call waiting. There are several options for the receiver to choose and answer. One can pick up the call or also reject it on the spot. it is totally up to you whether the call is accepted, put on hold or rejected.  In any case, call waiting is a great feature that keeps you away from missing important phone calls that can otherwise cause huge losses.

How to Set APN Settings in Jiofi ?

Jio APN settings are very important to deliver faster internet speed and better surfing experience. Mobile network operator companies require internet setting configuration so that one can run fast internet on the device. It goes without saying that a device that lacks 4G speed is incomplete in itself. So If your device can support volte services, you must make sure that the best use is made. After all, Reliance jio is offering fantabulous high speed internet connection at throw away prices at jiofi.local.html

Try to configure your Internet phone with APN settings and enjoy high speed internet without any kind of expensive router and unaffordable monthly internet services.

What is APN service after all?

APN service refers to the access point name. It is basically a service that lets you stay connected with the internet for having a safe and secure browsing experience.

Maximum of the devices nowadays collect career information and the moment sim card is inserted , APN setting is required. In the absence of APN settings, the connection receives several requests that are forwarded to the server. This results in lower internet speed for the majority of the users.

Making APN settings in your Reliance jio net device gives you a semi permanent solution for low internet speed. This helps the users to play games like pubg and Clash of Clan without any troubles.

Before you move on to the Reliance jio APN net settings, it is important to know that every smartphone device has a different set of features. Therefore, it is quite possible that APN settings that we have mentioned on this page are not relevant to your device. We have brought a guide for the basic APN settings and the rest you need to take care.

How to do jio APN settings and access high speed internet?

Unable to get the best speed from jio internet? You can fix the internet issues using simple jio APN settings. Your mobile internet settings might go wrong at some of the other point of time. The access of apn setting is  what you need to put away all the issues aside.

What is it to modify APN settings?

In order to get good internet speed from a jio sim card, you need to look after the jio APN settings by editing them manually. Depending on the type of data plan you choose, your opinion will help you to get the best speed after the internet connection has been made.

Reliance jio net APN settings

Creating a connection between the public internet and Reliance cellular network is the main task of APN. The settings differ according to the device models . with the jio customer support, it becomes easy to obtain an APN network and access high speed internet.

The main process in APN includes

Doing the manual jio 4G and volte internet settings help in grabbing the best of services from Reliance.

Managing APN settings in jio net device is very simple with the following steps –

  • Visit the menu of the device and choose settings immediately.
  • Choose mobile networks and access point name .
  • Choose reset and put the settings to the default mode.
  • Visit the menu option and select the new APN option from there.
  • Provide name and APN as jionet in both the fields.
  • Click ok
  • You have successfully configured APN and you can now access mobile data.

Step by step guide to obtain APN network-

Here is the guide for naming the APN network for your device and moving ahead with the internet settings -.

  • Visit the settings followed by mobile network
  • Choose the network mode such as WCDMA GSM, LTE or whatever it is.
  • Choose the option APN followed by jio 4G net
  • Choose APN and set proxy , password port and username
  • Select Google to increase the browsing speed
  • Set mmsc authentication type
  • Choose and not set and do not change MNC / MCC setting
  • Select APN protocol to increase the speed

How to set APN settings in iOS devices?

Apple devices can manage the APN settings automatically and you don’t have to do it manually. If there is any kind of problem, you can simply switch off and switch on the device to manage the network problems coming in your Apple gadget .

Hopefully, 4G internet speed settings are now able to help you to access the best Internet speed in your device. You need to subscribe for a monthly internet pack for making sure that your device delivers you the desired service.

Jio APN settings are very important to enjoy LTE high speed connection. Different networks have different domain names. With the best voice over technology from jio, it becomes very easy to reach different parts of the world without facing expensive carrier charges. All you need is a valid how to guide for jio APN settings and that’s it.

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