In order to visit the admin page of, you just have to type the IP address in the address bar and select the link that we have included below.

Choose the browser through which you want to browse and in the URL bar, simply type the IP address to access the router interface. Here is what you can do about the IP address- The first step includes finding out the IP address of your router . for that, you need to access the router package box.


In case you are login through a Windows PC, you can go for it.  The IP address is the default gateway that belongs to a router. You can visit the network and sharing centre on the PC. Eventually, click connections to find out the IP address of the router. You will be able to identify the address listed under the ipv4 Gateway column.

In order to check out the IP address of the router with the help of a smartphone, choose the advance properties option connected through the Wi-Fi.

Provide the credentials of your router

You need to provide the IP address of the router in the URL bar of the search Browser . The IP address that we are talking about on this page is 192.168. 1.1. We need to input the same IP address in the login screen and set the username and password in the account .

If you have not set the username and password earlier, simply using the default credentials will help you to login into your account. Right after providing the username and password, you need to hit the enter option.

After you have been able to change the router settings, it will allow you to get complete control over it. It is always advised to keep a note of the previous settings before making the changes. This will help you to remember the credentials and will avoid any kind of future issue.

Facing Router error?

If you have been constantly facing router error, a better option would be to press the reset option. This will reboot the router and put it back in the factory settings.

What if you mistype the IP address?

It is very important to write the IP address very carefully because any kind of tree can create a whole lot of mess. If you incorrectly type the IP address and some point of the time, the browser will automatically give an error message on your screen. Also, if some other router has the same IP address similar to the mistyped one, it will find you on another page which is of no use.

IP address conflict

If in case you have more than just one device helping you to access the internet connection, their IP address can create a conflict. Make sure that while you login with one router, log out with another. This will keep everything simple and manageable. IP address details

An IP address has an important role play in identifying a device connected with the internet. You can access a public address only with one network but the private one can be accessible through the device which is already part of that network. Every device gets a new IP address soon after it is connected with the internet.

Not every router manufacturer uses the same IP address. Each of them might function similarly but in order to access the internet connection, there is a separate IP address allotted. features- is not a very special one but still pack with certain features –

  • is the sequential order for most of the IP addresses.
  • The address is important for configuring the router.
  • Anyone can send the traffic on your network with the default gateway IP address. minimal requirements –

You must make sure that the router is placed near the device so that accessing the internet becomes possible. Nobody can find the IP address of the device straightaway over the internet. Therefore, you need to to log on to the official website in order to access the IP address of a device and the details related to it.

How do we log onto

  • Type 192.168. 1.1 in the browser URL and you will immediately find a login page right on your screen.
  • Provide the correct username and password in the designated empty fields.
  • You can now log on to the admin panel

Unable to login

If you cannot access 192.168 . 1.1 try login through 192.1 68.0.1

Forgot username password

Unable to remember the IP address and the password of your router? Here Are the steps that can help you to recover the credentials in a very easy way –

  • Carefully have a look at the manual box of the router and you will be able to find the default credentials right there written over it.
  • If you have changed the password earlier, just perform a factory reset so that you can login using the default credentials of the device. A small reset option will let you do it all

 How to change router IP address in TP link

  • Using your web browser, choose the address bar in your device and type 192.168. 1.1 as the TP link Wi-fi IP address.
  • Provide the username and password on screen
  • Manage to select a network -lan located towards the left menu
  • Select the IP address among the given option and it save it in your device

How to change router IP address in Netgear

The IP address of a router is a very important part of a networking device. It is pre configured and used as a private address .

The IP addresses are useful for most of the applications. In case your network requires a different IP address, changing it is possible with the steps discussed below. You can move head to the network settings and complete the following steps to change the IP address of the router.

  • Using a web browser, connect to the official website of Netgear login
  • You will find a login window that requires the username and the password as the first step.
  • Choose advance – setup – LAN setup
  • You will find address reservation section in which you need to select the add page option.
  • Choose the IP address from the subnet of the rulers LAN to assign a new IP address.
  • Type MAC address of the server . if the computer is already working on a network, copy the Mac address and straightaway paste it on the empty field.
  • You can copy the Mac address of the computer from the attached devices.
  • Choose the apply option and reserve all the changes that you have made. This will save the new IP address of your device.

How to change the IP settings in a Netgear router?

  • With the help of your internet and the browser, connect to the official page of Netgear router.
  • You can either go for router login.Net or router login.Com
  • Provide the username and password as admin and password
  • Choose advanced option followed by setup and LAN setup
  • Using the IP address field, provide the following address -192.168. 1.1
  • Type the IP Subnet Mask off the router – 255.255. 255.0
  • The IP Subnet Mask give the information about the addresses that are local to a certain device and the one that must be reached through a router or a gateway.
  • Change the routing information protocol settings and select any one among three options that include – both, out only, in only
  • In the Android version list, choose either disabled, r i p – 1 or r i p – 2.
  • Apply changes

Benefits of using static IP address

No matter whether you are editing the IP address in your Netgear or TP link router, it is known as the static IP address in case. The biggest benefit of using the static IP address includes hosting the server consisting of data . The static IP address is very convenient for the computers to locate a specific server .

The computers allowing the remote access on a closed network work specifically with static IP addresses. This helps the variety of computers and operating systems to access the host system.

The static IP address stabilizes the internet and it is not prone to changes. The dynamic IP address is provided during the process of networking and is bound to change on a regular basis. It can even change in a matter of a few hours. This can create a lapse of user connection without prior information. Also the computer might face certain troubles in reconnecting with the internet in case of dynamic internet. Therefore, a computer running on a static IP always enjoys a superior network.

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